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Football: C Fall 2021 Schedule

    (as of 10-26-21)
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Monday, Aug 16, 2021
Opening Day  6:30AM  Thief River Falls    Lincoln High School - TRF
      1st 2 weeks: Doors open at 6:15. Done by noon. Equipment handout on Monday the 9th will be for those who have completed their 23 summer lifts: Seniors at 8:00-8:45, Jr;s at 8:45-9:30, Soph at 9:30-10:15, Fresh at 10:15-11:00.(ALL PRACTICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE ESPECIALLY D/T WEATHER)
Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021
Game  5:00PM  Thief River Falls  East Grand Forks Green Wave  Prowler Football Field
      EGF's 9/10 team.
Monday, Sep 20, 2021
Game  5:00PM  Thief River Falls  Roseau  Prowler Football Field
      Roseau's 9/10 team.
Monday, Sep 27, 2021
Game  5:00PM  Detroit Lakes  Thief River Falls  Detroit Lakes High School
2:15PM  2:00PM    DL's 9th only team. (Charter)

Monday, Oct 4, 2021
Game  5:00PM  Thief River Falls  Crookston  Prowler Football Field
       (Cancelled) Crox's 9/10 team.
Tuesday, Oct 5, 2021
Game  5:00PM  Thief River Falls  Warroad Public School  Prowler Football Field
      Warroad's 9/10 team.
Monday, Oct 11, 2021
Game  5:00PM  Perham  Thief River Falls  Perham High School
1:45PM  1:30PM    Perham's 9/10 team. (Charter)